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The Davy Jones Equine Memorial Foundation was founded in 2012 by Davy’s daughters Talia, Sarah, Jessica, and Annabel, to protect and care for the herd of retired and rescued racehorses he left behind. Today, the girls work to keep the remaining members of the herd healthy and safe with the generous support of friends, family, and fans. The Jones family is passionately committed to continuing Davy’s equine advocacy work, and you can help by making purchases of DJEMF merchandise, and by becoming a horse sponsor or donor.

A portion of the proceeds from every sale of Have You Herd? merchandise benefits the DJEMF herd and the organization's ongoing equine advocacy work.

Have you Herd? is a project of VerbStudios, LLC. Contact us at hello@verbstudios.net.


[Photo of the Jones family ©2010 Saul Photography]